Monday, November 25, 2013

RetailTech and more at Decoded Fashion, NYC

I was incidentally at New York during the last Decoded Fashion Meetup Event, so I decided to drop-in and check it out. And was mighty impressed. Good work Liz and team!

Decoded Fashion, in their own words, "..creates events and curated discussions that accelerate innovation at the intersection of fashion and retail."

True to its name, the event had a compact, and power-packed agenda of short, quick talks by people, sharing their experiences and innovations. It was hosted at the Midtown Manhattan headquarters of the GILT Group and was attended by 100 people, which is normally the capacity for such meetups.
The roster of speakers for the evening included founders of tech-startups, creating disruptions in the Fashion-Tech area.

Here is a file picture of the event, from the DecodedFashion Meetup Archives:

One of the interesting concepts I found was that of Stylitics, which aggregates user-created data to generate insights for retailers. Basically, consumers download an app and share/tag their purchases on the platform. They are creating a digital wardrobe for themselves, but in essence what they are also doing, is proving a huge bunch of data for cross-retailer understanding on products and categories that complement each other (and coexist in) inside each of our unique wardrobes.

The other thing I distinctly remember is Optimizely was pretty much mentioned in almost every other presentation as being the "go-to" people for a whole range of things. I even remember tweeting about this from the event, and was promptly RT-ed by the folks at Optimizely!

All in all, the event was fun, engagement and informative. Pretty much what I would want from an evening like that. Will definitely attend another DecodedFashion event if I can and if the agenda looks interesting!