Friday, November 29, 2013

CRMC 2013 - Retail Marketing and CRM Conference, Chicago

The CRMC is probably one of the most relevant  conferences if you are a retail or consumer CRM focused company, or a vendor providing other services in the space. Being a conference with a very niche subject area (unlike broader conferences on Retail/Consumer Marketing or Digital Marketing in general), the audience is very relevant and "targeted!" ;)

CRMC 2013 was held at The Hilton, Chicago and kudos to Devon Wylie and team for having created a perfectly programmed event with true, good content. With content coming in from virtually the who's who of Retail CRM, Loyalty and Analytics, there was much to learn and take home.

I particularly liked something Brian Solis (@briansolis), of the Altimeter Group, said in his talk around Digital Anthropology. He said Gen-C or "Generation Connected" is so used to devices that they find it hard to imagine how life would be without it. His daughter for instance, thinks a regular print magazine is an "iPad that does not work!"

Among other sessions there were some very interesting sessions from dunnhumby, a leader in analytics-driven customer engagement, and Epsilon, who had some interesting nuggets of information they shared from their work for Orvis and Chicos. I attended a couple of working sessions on TIBCO Loyalty/Loyalty Lab that I found quite informative. And of course, my favourite among the Retailer Presentations was the "IKEA Family" Loyalty Program. It brought forth how the Brand and the Loyalty Program aer virtually inseparable in today's digital environment.

Overall, great show, fantastic content, interesting conversations and an audience that most retail-focused companies will like! :)

I am sure the next version of the show in 2014 is going to be bigger and better. And of course, I will remain all-ears on some good content from them!

For more information on CRMC 2014, check out:
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