Thursday, December 19, 2013

Forrester Research Twitter Chat: #ForrIdeas in the Age of the Customer!

I participated the #ForrIdeas Open Twitter chat yesterday by Forrester Research. The core idea was to discuss habits that CMOs and Marketing Leaders should adopt in the #AgeOfTheCustomer.

A couple of interesting points that Forrester opened with:

Forrester Research @forrester
While 92% of companies say that customer exp is a top priority, 45% do not have the budget they need to get the job done.

The is the change in consumer expectations that anyone can access info, on any device, at any time.
The obvious implication being that companies want to but are "still not sure". That seemed to be a sentiment echoed by quite a few of those who were actively participating.

Here are the 4 questions posed by Forrester Research:
  1. What has your company done to innovatively delight customers and become more customer-obsessed? #ForrIdeas
  2. How is your company creating more digitally relevant content? What’s the key to making content more engaging? #ForrIdeas
  3. How does your company put customer-obsessed analysis, answers, and action into practice? #ForrIdeas
  4. In the #AgeoftheCustomer, what challenges do you face around becoming more customer-obsessed? #ForrIdeas
My 2 favourite responses that evening were:
A4: the better the technology gets, the more differentiation will depend on human factors like leadership.

A4: Many CMOs rely on gut instinct and experience to make decisions. That needs to change ForrIdeas