Sunday, December 1, 2013

Money2020 and Capillary Technologies at Launchpad360

Among the conferences that I have attended this year, one of them (and perhaps one that had some pretty awesome content) was the Money2020 Conference at Las Vegas this October.

The show was very well done and I liked the fact that people from industries as diverse as Retail, Banking, Telecom and Technology were there - to mingle and explore how each of their respective spaces is converging (or in some sense, inter-dependent) on the other. A confluence of commerce, if you will, in the digitally disrupted age. Which is a good thing, when compared to so many of the other "niche" or audience-focussed conferences that seem to be around everywhere. Having a "broad audience" like this one does lead to a lot of exchange of ideas.

I have actually written quite a detailed write-up about the whole Money2020 experience on my other blog - TalkingTails. So, I am going to link back to that post and leave you with a picture of Capillary's InStore product that we presented at Launchpad360, the innovation showcase event at Money2020!

I found LaunchPad 360 itself to be quite an innovation in itself. It is easy for smaller companies or start-ups like Capillary to get lost with the "biggies" talking about the BIG stuff and of course, spending a lot more for sponsorships and visibility. Launchpad360 offers literally 360 seconds of fame to innovative up-starts to come in and show a quick demo to the audience. We also had a little "Launchpad 360 kiosk" at the area just outside the main Expo hall.

Both pictures used in this post here are from the Money2020's archives.

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